About Mr Zoomy

A series of drone characters were created in as part of Soar's digital marketing campaign in late 2018 for use on social media. These characters proved a big success and the name Mr Zoomy quickly stuck for one of them. Mr Zoomy was much beloved by the community, investors and shareholders alike. Their children wanted to see more of him. The Soar team suddenly had an ambitious idea — to make Mr Zoomy the centrepiece for children to learn about their world.


The mission of Mr Zoomy is to be one of the world’s leading children’s IP franchises for entertainment and information. Focused on children aged 5 to 9, we seek to educate on topics covering Earth science and the environment in a setting that is engaging, entertaining, and fun!

Target Audience

Mr Zoomy has been created for children 5-9 years of age, although it's something that can be enjoyed by the whole family, too. Focusing on writing for a gender neutral and cross-cultural audience, Mr Zoomy is being developed for both Australian and international viewers.


Inclusion, adventure, fun, discovery, exploration, teamwork, hope, friendship, science, environmentalism, and classroom learning.

The Adventures of Mr Zoomy
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