The Adventures of Mr Zoomy

An animated cartoon series

Travel on an adventure with Mr Zoomy and his friends as they embark on a quest to save the Earth against a corporate villain bent on world domination.

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In the not too distant future ... 

SkyCorp, the world's largest corporate empire, has caused environmental damage through reckless industrial practices. The world demands answers from SkyCorp's Founder and CEO, Skylord.

Zal, a technical engineer working for SkyCorp, develops Mr Zoomy: an artificially intelligent drone complete with a unique set of advanced tools designed to help humans look after the environment. Zal presents Mr Zoomy to Skylord to help both the planet and the company's reputation. Eying the opportunity, Skylord has other ideas.

Shocked and saddened to hear what his invention would be used for, Zal decides to leave SkyCorp with Mr Zoomy.

Skylord proceeds to replicate his own army of drone bots under his Rapid Artificial Global Ecosystem (R.A.G.E) project, to take total control over the Earth’s climate. With the threat of tornadoes, tsunamis, environmental change, and more, Skylord sets out to commercialise the Earth's natural resources and turn them into properties of SkyCorp.

Skylord will stop at nothing to prevent anyone that gets in his way. Especially a new generation of children who are fighting for the right to look after their planet.

It's up to Zal, Mr Zoomy, and their young friends to stop Skylord, SkyCorp, and save the Earth before it's too late ...

Meet the hero

Mr Zoomy

A creative cross between R2-D2 and Pikachu, Mr Zoomy is cute, fun, thrill-seeking, and the heart of the series. He has a thousand-and-one gadgets up his sleeve, can fly excessively fast (hence the name), and loves to show off how good he is at performing tricks. When he isn’t fighting to keep the world safe he’s out playing with the kids.

Meet the villain


From android robots to pop soda, Skylord runs the world’s largest company. His ambitious goal is to expand his empire across the world, and he’s prepared to do almost anything to get there - even if it means breaking a few rules along the way. With an endless robotic army at his disposal, Skylord always has an eye on Mr Zoomy and his ‘do-gooder’ friends as they threaten his plans for total world domination.

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