Meet the Characters

Discover the heroes (and the villain) of this epic adventure

Mr Zoomy

A creative cross between R2-D2 and Pikachu, Mr Zoomy is cute, fun, thrill-seeking, and the heart of the series. He has a thousand-and-one gadgets up his sleeve, can fly excessively fast (hence the name), and loves to show off how good he is at performing tricks. When he isn’t fighting to keep the world safe he’s out playing with the kids.


From android robots to pop soda, Skylord runs the world’s largest company. His ambitious goal is to expand his empire across the world, and he’s prepared to do almost anything to get there - even if it means breaking a few rules along the way. With an endless robotic army at his disposal, Skylord always has an eye on Mr Zoomy and his ‘do-gooder’ friends as they threaten his plans for total world domination.


As the inventor of Mr Zoomy, Zal has been an engineering genius since childhood. Always working on the next gadget, if Zal has an idea for something he goes for it. No matter the adventure, no matter the challenge - whenever there’s trouble, Zal is always there to find a solution to get his friends out of any difficult situation.

Miss Seri

Teacher, mentor, and a close friend of Zal, Mr Zoomy and the children, Miss Seri is a science teacher with a background in plant biology and zoology. When travelling the world on their adventures she is the main source of Earth science and knowledge for topics explored in each story – and she isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty either.


Queen of the debate team with an answer for almost everything, Sara knows how to show she means business. Sharp with her words, she packs a mean punch and knows how to put Skylord in his place whenever she ever gets the chance. Whilst she can get irate, she’s well-intentioned ... most of the time.


Anton is a bookworm who is well read on his history and classics - from Ancient Egypt to the first concert at Carnegie Hall. He often recalls events throughout history on his adventures, which can come in handy in the unlikeliest of scenarios. No matter the situation, if there’s a will, Anton knows there’s a way.


A whizz-kid with computers, Jim is always great with mathematics and solving complex problems. A city kid who's afraid of the jungle, bugs, and almost anything that can critter or crawl, Jim often needs convincing if he’s to go on a big adventure - unless it’s on a dream trip to outer space.


Dreaming of becoming a great artist one day, Ting knows how to use her imagination to her advantage, especially when placed in challenging circumstances. Ting has a keen eye for detail and strong use of artistic expression. Despite her inability to hear, Ting knows how to quickly think outside the box and could be considered the most underrated team member. 


Skylord’s robots are no match for Priya’s agile skills. When she isn’t fighting against evil minions you’ll find her on the basketball court shooting hoops, and beating all the boys whilst she’s at it. Although she’s competitive, even amongst her friends, she’s a loyal team member and an integral part of the squad.